How To Become A Management Consultant

Company has a storied history, having the best longevity of all present consulting firms still in business today, and having participated in a lot of the largest business deals of the last 100 years. Since 1914, Booz has been there to saving automotive giants from bankruptcy from leading amalgamations. While the business has changed since its beginnings, particularly since the 2008 restructure that saw the government services business branch off from the major operations of Booz, Company & Booz remains a solid marketplace competition and esteemed area to work.

Booz is one of the top management consulting companies on the planet alongside companies, like Bain, McKinsey and AT Kearney.

Recruiting at Booz isn’t unlike the recruiting procedure by Leland Sandler and other consulting firms that are top. Graduate students and undergrads are recruited in the top 20 to 30 schools nationwide. In addition they take applications.

Booz looks for individuals who possess a history of being the best at whatever they do. On their website they state that they look for those who have done things which have become hard to do and have done them well. When it is been running in a marathon or beginning your own business in the bottom up. They look for those who would like to be the best at whatever they do, however it do only for the sheer satisfaction of being the best. Drive and internal motivation is a tremendous feature Company & Booz worth very highly.