Our E Cigarette Kits — Now With Cartomizers

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Instead brand ecigarette, but instead offer a wide range of brands at best e cig. If you need parts or e-liquid for your Instead ecigarette, please contact us.

Due to popular demand, we’ve shifted our electronic cigarette kits to come with 5 cartomizers that was empty rather than with standard atomizers. Cartomizers are a mixture of atomizer and cartridge. Cartomizers create vapor that is quite consistent and hold substantially more e-liquid than a standard cartridge so it’s easier to use them on the go. For tips about using your cartomizers, go on filling cartomizers to our blog post.

For those customers who are set on continuing to use the old style atomizers, please contact us via our contact form as we do have some atomizers left in stock.

Please also notice that we now have our ecigarette kits with US made e-liquid on sale for$95.99. Free shipping applies. A great deal on a fantastic kit that comes with a bottle, 2 batteries, a charger, a water resistant tin, and 5 empty cartomizers of US made e-liquid that’s equal to 300 tobacco cigarettes!